During the festival, you should take a shopping break!

Three Pine Hill

Owner: Laura Helm, jewelry designer, naturalist, gardener and

teacher of kids in art and tech

Contact: or


Monita Natural Care

Owner: Mona Itani

Artisan soapmaking, bath and body products

Call: 310-214-0780


Ease Your Baggage

Owner: Mia Muskin


Call: 310-293-8338

STP Gifts

Owner: Patricia Burns

Fused glass products; sports team coasters

Call: 323-292-8963

Zen Kodama

Owner: Deirdre Dobbins

Offering table top and small space gardening arrangements


Kangen Water

Kangen Water Distributor: Sandra Hackney

Call: 424-308-7928


Need a Treat or a Bite to Eat? We've Got Delicious Options for You!

Mr. G's

Mexican Cuisine

CA Kettle Korn

Cotton Candy, Lemonade, Shaved Ice

Dulce Europa

Shaved ice, with fruit

(Sunday Only!)

Rice Balls of Fire

Korean Fusion Food


(Sunday Only!)

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