VIDA – Vannia Ibarguen Dance Arts & Dorcas Román Dance Theatre – DRDT

Alvas Showroom

The piece is conceived from the original idea of how tango originated historically as a social dance in marginalized areas as an underground, illicit, and clandestine dance form. We explore the idea of how it is to live in a society in which you could be marginalized because of cultural heritage, sexual orientation, social status, or the color of your skin. The idea of finding freedom when we embrace who we are even if we need to do it clandestinely, is explored and celebrated in this piece. This piece is a result of a collaboration between DRDT – Dorcas Roman Dance Theatre and VIDA – Vannia Ibarguen Dance Arts.

Dorcas Roman (DRDT – Dorcas Roman Dance Theatre) and Vannia Ibarguen (VIDA – Vannia Ibarguen Dance Arts)

VIDA – Vannia Ibarguen Dance Arts is a project-based Dance Company created in 2005 and based now in Long Beach, CA that brings contemporary dance closer to the audience by creating and performing well-rounded choreography that express and promote thoughtful entertainment. The focus is in the interaction between performance and technology, and also the relationship between classical, contemporary and folk dance styles.

Dorcas Román Dance Theatre, DRDT, uses a blend of styles to present innovative and energetic work in a story telling format. DRDT is strongly devoted to the creation and presentation of performing arts in an innovative and dynamic way. DRDT explores social, racial, and gender issues through dance and theatre. The company is committed to make arts accessible to all communities as a necessity to create social awareness.


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