WestMet Classical Training

WestMet Classical Training is Minnesota’s newest elite training ground for talented young dancers aspiring towards a professional career in ballet. Founded by former principal dancers Allynne Noelle and Thomas Garrett Brown, this exclusive school stresses clean, unaffected classical technique of the highest standard, while emphasizing the value in versatility of style, and the importance of mentorship and cultivating young artists into compelling performers. Noelle and Brown are Youth America Grand Prix Outstanding Teacher recipients two years in a row, and Noelle a 2020 YAGP Outstanding Choreographer. WestMet Classical Training’s highest level dancers are all accomplished performing artists with professional poise and stage presence. Every WestMet Classical Training dancer is trained to be versatile, hirable, artistically compelling, physically healthy, and have longevity in this career.

Pre-Professional School: WestMet Classical Training
Co-Founders: Allynne Noelle & Thomas Garrett Brown 

Festival Piece: Fragments of A Landscape
Music: Max Richter – excerpts from Memoryhouse
Choreographer: Allynne Noelle
Dancers: Lauren Christian, Olivia DeAngelo, Emma Lundvall, Hayley Miller, Ashley Rosendahl, Ava Tellier 


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