White Crane Dance Theatre

Nicole Mathis-Berman is the Founder/Artistic Director of White Crane Dance Theatre with the mission to create environments that inspire and nurture the human being. She holds a MFA in Choreography, a M.ED in cross cultural diverse learning, a BFA in Dance and Performance. Nicole built successful curriculum for over 20 private/public dance programs. She is the Lead Instructor for the yoga/mindfulness program at SAGE, (Social and Gender Equity) Magnet and Cultural Dance Specialist at Millikan Performing Arts Magnet in Sherman Oaks, CA. Additionally, she is a certified Conscious Yoga teacher and incorporates sound baths and meditation in her classes. Her professional dance and choreography career include working with: La Danserie, Media City Ballet, City Ballet of Los Angeles, Ballet Pacifica, Ballet Theatre International, and Pacific American Ballet Theater to name a few. Nicole’s awards include: National Artist Teacher Fellowship, Arts School’s Network Outstanding Arts School Alumni Award and Honored Teacher’s Award.

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