(Look for the SAN PEDRO ♥ Festival of the Arts 2015 homepage coming in July, and save Sept 19 and 20 for this years festival. Apply now for dance, music, and arts spots!)
Welcome to the SAN PEDRO ♥ TRI ART Festival 2014 homepage! A FREE festival dedicated to the arts, showcasing dance, music, and crafts, SP ♥ TRI ART aims to bring art to people of all ages and showcase the beauty of San Pedro as a haven of the arts. Creativity abounds in San Pedro! Children and families, young, old, or anywhere in between: everybody will find something at SP ♥ TRI ART to inspire and enchant.


Saturday & Sunday September 27 – 28 2014
11am- 11pm both days
Ports 0′ Call Village, San Pedro 
Special Events Stage 

Slides from previous festivals below.

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